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Remote Trainers – General Overview

The handler’s ability to communicate with his dog at longer distances will give him added confidence in enabling even greater freedom from the lead, in both urban and rural environments, whether the dog’s original problem was his disobedience to recall; or his antisocial, or life-threatening tendencies.

A Remote Trainer enables the handler simply and accurately to address his dog, if necessary, with a timely and appropriate correction, Such control is the trainer’s only back-up option when his dog is running free. The system is used either to awaken him to the need to comply with the trainer’s request, or to make him ‘self aware’ of the drawbacks of an unwanted activity.

Whatever the style or level of correction, it is best that the dog should be completely unaware that any of the corrections have come via his collar. He needs to believe that the correction has ‘miraculously’ been effected either through the trainer’s extended ‘zone of influence’, or as a result of his own antisocial tendency.

Familiarisation with the collar before formal active collar training is started is essential. It is very important that your dog does not associate the correction with the PACDOG collar. For this purpose PAC recommends that you familiarise your dog with the collar by fitting the PACDOG Collar on the dog, turned off, for at least 10 - 14 days before you enter the active training phase, you can fit the plastic dummy probes included in each kit for this period if preferred.