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PAC BUZZ Medium/Large Dog Training System
Vibration dog training collar

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Product Code: NDXTP1DEXC4B

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The Best Vibrating Dog Collar System

This will give handler’s the ability to communicate with his dog at longer distances. The best vibrating dog collar system will give him the added confidence to enable even greater freedom from the lead in both urban and rural environments, whether the dog’s original problem was his disobedience to recall, or his antisocial or life-threatening activities.

PAC’s nDXT+ Remote Trainers enable the handler simply and accurately to address his dog with an appropriate correction, according to his misdemeanour. Without him realising that the correction is coming from his collar, the dog needs to appreciate that a correction, at whatever style or level, is his trainer’s back-up option. Nevertheless, the tone (beep) or vibration warning remains the most humane style of control in distance training

The New EXC7 Collar

    • Strap is 19mm Wide, Length can be adjusted up to 750mm
    • Strongest vibration collar on the market.
    • None Stimulus Model
    • Incapable of Shocking your Dog
    • Variable vibration levels.
    • Tone pre-warning at the push of a button.
    • Lighter than previous collars (16g lighter than the EXC7 collar.)
    • Compatible with all EXT and nDXT systems.
    • Compatible with existing PAC straps.
    • Incapable of shocking your dog

Pac Buzz Single Collar Setup
  • This is a feature list for the nDXT series.

    1. Long range control – up to ½ mile (1 km) range on ideal terrain Handset can be actuated from the pocket, without significant loss of range; but should be worn, using the supplied lanyard to avoid the nuisance of losing it!
    2. Over 4 days continuous use from high capacity, long-life, rechargeable collar batteries.
    3. Correction levels are fully controlled from the handset, using the familiar DXT+ intensity control dial which can be set to any of 60 levels, from merest tickle to a significant high-level deterrent, depending on the dog’s sensitivity and on his misdemeanor. (Vibration Only)
    4. Ease of operation enables the trainer to concentrate on the training of his dog.
    5. The miniaturised nature of UHF technology also enables top-end control.
    6. USB fast 2 hour recharge for Buzz Collar.
    7. Can be operated in basic mode, to enable control of 3 separate dogs (each with an active collar).

    Ideal for all types of persistent problems:-

    - Pets running off and being willfully ‘deaf’ to recall

    - Worrying of farm stock, chasing deer, horses, cats and other animals

    - Chasing cars, joggers, cyclists, postmen etc.

    - Jumping up and/or stealing food

    - Sheepdogs ‘gripping’ sheep when conveniently far away

    - Gun dogs running in, ranging too far or being over-enthusiastic

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