Train 1 or multiple dogs at the same time

A Trained Dog is a Happy Dog

When a dog understands commands and whats expected of them, they feel more secure and connected, leading to increased happiness. A well trained dog requires fewer restrictions, the more reliable the dog, the more freedom they can be given.

Owners can be faced with typical behavioural problems, causing stress for both owner and the dog. Ask yourself is your dog running away, or being wilfully ‘deaf’ to recall. Are they pulling on the lead? Perhaps they are jumping up on people or stealing food, chasing cars, joggers, walkers, cyclists, postmen, etc. Or maybe they are being over-enthusiastic, barking at people or other dogs. Are they chasing farm stock and other animals, or are they gundogs ‘running’ in or being over-enthusiastic.

Addressing these persistent problems with a PACDOG Remote Dog Training System, giving clear means of communication via an electronic training aid will lead to a happier and safer dog and owner all round.

How do Electronic Remote Training Systems work?

They allow you to simply and accurately address your dog with an appropriate correction i.e. Vibration/Tone or Static Stimulus. The dog needs to think that the correction, at whatever style or level, along with your voice command or whistle, is you getting their full attention to communicate with them.

Electronic collar training systems are made up of a receiver collar and a remote transmitter. The receiver collar has 2 contacts that touch the dogs skin under the neck. When the transmitter handset is activated, an electrical static stimulation travels through the skin between the contacts.

The stimulus is similar to the "Static" you get when you touch a car door, all it does is distract the dog from what it is doing such as ignoring your recall, chasing sheep, etc. It gets your dogs attention back to you and with lots of praise and attention, you can get them to return to you or follow your command. The trainer can vary the intensity and duration of stimulation by adjusting settings on the remote transmitter to suit particular situations. These systems are designed to give dog’s the freedom they deserve off the lead and have saved hundreds of thousands of dogs lives.

Familiarisation with the e-Collar

Before you start training it is essential that your dog does not associate the Vibration/Tone or Static Stimulus with the PACDOG collar. For this purpose, we recommend that you familiarise your dog with the collar by fitting the PACDOG collar on the dog, turned off, for a few hours every day over 10 - 14 days before you enter the active training phase. You can fit the plastic dummy probes included in each kit for this familiarisation period if preferred. All our Dog Training Systems come with a detailed training guide on how to train your dog using the PACDOG system.

Choose the right Dog Training Collar

There are few things to consider namely; how many dogs you wish to train, the size of your dog(s), their training needs and the range you may need. We supply dog training collars for Miniature/Small, Medium/Large and Extra Large Dogs with models from 750m to 3km range. All our systems will control up to 2 dogs, and some of our systems will control up to 3 dogs and up to 6 dogs, giving lots of great options for combinations of dog pack sizes.

Ready to let your dog off the lead?

Let them run free knowing they will return.