PAC Pet Fences and Robotic Lawn Mowers

Do Robotic Mowers have Issues with Dog Fences?

Robot Lawn Mowers are on the rise and we want to give you the confidence to know that they will work in tandem with our PAC Pet Fences.

PAC Pet Fences and Robotic Lawn Mowers use a buried wire, that acts as an antenna and conducts a radio signal. An electromagnetic signal field is created around the cable. This is the issue with installing both robotic mowers and dog fences next to each other, as with a magnet when you bring the same poles together, they repel the signal.

The solution is simple, make sure the wires are fitted at least 1 metre away from each other.

The Robot Mower will not cause any loss of signal or false activation to our PACDOG Pet / Dog Fence, if the PAC Fence wire is fitted at least 1 metre from the robotic lawnmowers wire loop. If you have another brand of Pet Fence installed which has stopped working, you can buy our PACDOG Fence Control Unit and collar and connect it to your existing Pet Fence wire.

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