Why Use a Remote Training Collar

It is utterly pointless attempting to correct a dog some minutes, or even seconds after it has ‘committed an offence’ since the dog will hardly be able to associate the punishment with the crime. Any late reprimand will not be understood, making the dog believe that the trainer is cruelly dominant, and cause it to be reluctant in the future to come back… just to be ‘punished’. Training then takes a giant leap – backwards! Furthermore, corporal punishment can easily result in damage to the dog, both psychologically and physically. Not all dogs respond to standard “compulsive” or “reward” training methods, and until you encounter a difficult dog, it is hard to imagine the need for a PACDOG Remote Dog Training System.

The use of such a tool can be extremely effective in curing a comprehensive range of problems. Correct use of the nDXT+ Training System for example will inevitably elevate the trainer to surrogate ‘pack-leader’ or ‘top dog’ … Indeed, once the trainer has established a dominant position, there should be no need to be the least bit physical with the dog; and, before long, a calm but firm word (or whistle) command should suffice.

Indeed, constantly ‘nagging’ a headstrong dog will be a thing of the past. Making walks or training sessions much more pleasurable for both the dog and trainer. The enormous power of a PACDOG Dog Training System, as a training instrument, lies not so much with the strength of correction available, which can be awesome, but more with the timing of the correction, either during or immediately following the deed. It is believed that a dog’s limited ability for logical reasoning will cause it quickly to associate disobedience or undesirable act, with the correction.

The message gets home very quickly and because the timing is so immediate, the level of correction needs most often to be no more than a slight tickling discomfort or a very strong vibration with the PAC Buzz Collar. Since it is possible to use such low levels of correction, it will not inhibit the dog’s spirit. Indeed, the correction should be rather like a very long, invisible check-cord that tingles, but does not tangle. Many users have found that their dogs tend to bond more closely when they have been trained with the PACDOG Remote Trainer. This most likely happens because, after a correction, the dog comes back with the view that “There’s something quite scary out there – but at least you’re a friendly face" and you can praise it for being so good! The use of the Tone or Vibration facility in conjunction with, or in place of, electrical stimulation (or Strong Vibration correction on PAC BUZZ Collar), enhances even further the PACDOG Product Series as the quickest, most effective and most humane training tool available.

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