How to Stop Your Dog Barking

The PAC Bark Controller collar is the most humane & highly effective model on the market, designed to give your dog a Vibration or Tone pre warning then a distracting static stimulation to stop nuisance barking instantly.

You cannot have a dog and expect it to never bark, but nuisance barking, that’s a different story.

Nuisance barking is one of the most common dog behaviour problems. A responsible dog owner can stop a dog barking by using our barking e-collar; it is a proven safe and effective tool to train any dog from barking inappropriately.

We have customers that put the collar on every night consistently. This will change the dog’s barking behavioural pattern. After a few weeks, they remove the bark collar and are satisfied with the result. Others do a weekly refresher, which is very effective because it reminds the dog about the training. However, some dog owners leave the bark collar on at times when they go out or they know the dog will start barking. It is all dependent on the dog’s drive when it comes to persistent barking. Avoid leaving the PAC Bark Controller Collar on your dog for over 12 hours per day and wash the dog’s neck area weekly.

How it Works


The Bark Controller comes pre-set with Vibration and correction Level 2 as standard, this correction level is similar to the “Static” you get when you touch a car door, it’s just above most dog’s comfort zone so it distracts the dog to stop excessive barking but if needs be can go up to Level 8 for very headstrong dogs.

Step 2

The bark controller detects the vibration of the vocal cords as your dog barks. The first cycle of barking is stimulation free. If barking continues excessively the ecollar will repeat the warning which will be accompanied by a single static pulse (at a pre-selected stimulation level) every 4 seconds until the barking activity subsides.

Step 3

After a few corrections, the dog will realize that the correction is caused by the barking. The dog will then resist the urge to bark at normal neighbourhood activities. Then in some cases if required it can be set to Level 0 which is vibration only. So, owners can plan ahead on how to train their dog in avoiding nuisance barking.

Ready to Stop Persistent Nuisance Barking?

Watch the video to see how easy it is to set up your PAC Bark Controller.


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