A Bark Collar can stop Excessive dog barking

Love your dog, but not their bark?

You cannot have a dog and expect it to never bark, but nuisance barking is a different story. Nuisance barking is one of the most common dog behaviour problems, where a dog barks or howls continuously. Dogs bark nonstop for a variety of reasons. Behaviour modification can help manage nuisance barking. A bark control collar is an aid to teach your dog not to nuisance bark. It is a proven safe and effective tool to train any dog from barking inappropriately.

Our PAC Bark Controller collar is the most humane & highly effective model on the market, designed to give your dog a vibration or tone pre-warning, then a distracting static stimulation to stop nuisance barking instantly. It comes pre-set with vibration and correction level 2 as standard. This correction level is similar to the "static" you get when you touch a car door. If needs be, it can go up to level 8 for very headstrong dogs, while level 0, is a vibration only mode.