Why a PAC Electric Dog Collar Fence?

A fully fenced area keeps your pet off the road and away from the risk of being hit by a car, wandering off, stolen by a stranger, or chasing livestock. There are lots of dangers that lie in store for unsupervised animals when they are running loose. A dog fence is an invisible fence that will give your pet(s) freedom in your garden or property. As pet owners, it gives you peace of mind knowing your animal is not escaping or getting onto the road, etc. And it’s not just the roads which will be a safer place – farmers will be happier too. Properties that border farms with livestock generally use a containment fence to stop their dogs from escaping and entering farmers’ fields to chase and attack livestock.

Show pets your love by protecting them from running away, getting injured or killed.

The advantage of a wired pet fence is that it can be used for any shape of property, on any terrain. It can also include “no-go” areas, such as protection for your newly-planted flower beds, children’s play areas, fish ponds, water features or swimming pools.

With the PAC Fence range, you can give your dog the freedom to roam within a designated area. It's simple, find the right sized PAC dog fence collar for your pet or pets, decide on an area you wish to contain in, and follow our step-by-step easy DIY installation guide. As the dog nears the boundary wire the PAC DOG collar gives a tone only pre-warning followed by tone & static stimulus, the levels of static stimulus automatically increase as the dog approaches the wire. Once the dog has had the correction from the ecollar a few times the tone alone will let him know he is nearing the boundary and he will stay away from it, keeping your dog close to home.

Being inside is Boring, Pets love the Outdoors.

Give your pet the freedom they deserve.