Trail Cameras, Trackers and Trap

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The essential components that make a game camera work are its motion sensor, lens, infrared emitters, batteries, and SD card. The motion sensor portion of a game camera is what triggers the camera to capture movement. The motion sensors are also equipped with heat detection, so it's not just the wind whistling through the trees that triggers your camera. This motion sensor also makes them ideal for surveillance and capturing footage of unwanted activity on your property.

PACDOG offers a range of Wireless Cloud Cameras, allowing you to manage your pictures from a computer at home or on the go via your mobile. Cameras range from 20 to 3MP resolution, Full HD, Invisible IR for undisturbed night time shots. These cameras are ideal for scouting and also very functional for security and surveillance.

PACDOG also offer a Dog Tracker Collar tracking device, which provides a very accurate position of your dog in any terrain. All you need is a smartphone to monitor your dog and control your device.

Finally, if you have a trap set and want to monitor it remotely the Live Trap Alarm monitors your trap 24/7. Trap guard saves you time and will send an alert text message to your mobile phone when trap door is closed.