Give a Dog a Life

With Pet Freedom and Safety

Most of the average pet-dog‘s daily life can be quite a bore: so, beside love and attention, the most valuable gift you could give your dog would be freedom from having to stay indoors for long periods, and from always having to be on a lead while on walks. But, unless he immaculately behaves, today’s civilised human society has become so intolerant toward dogs in public places, that such a gift is very reluctantly given.

Furthermore, recent road-kill statistics, and the ever increasing number of dog attacks on sheep year on year indicate a disturbingly high, one-in-four chance of an early demise in a dog’s already too short a life enforcing the need for responsible ownership, better containment and better behavioural control. Fortunately, our state of the art dog control and containment systems, despite disingenuous publicity, have released hundreds of thousands of both working-dogs and pet-dogs from oppressive incarceration.

The PAC Pet Fence automatically detects when the dog or cat nears the designated boundary it first gives a tone warning, followed by an increasing level of stimulative rejection – if he persists in trying to escape.
The extremely popular and humane, manually operated (via a remote) PAC Dog Training Systems work on similar principles, using tone warnings or collar vibrations, prior, if necessary to administer stimuli, ranging from a low-level ‘tickle’ for attention grabbing and encouragement of obedience… to higher, but still harmless, stimuli as a deterrent to anti-social activities, which equates with the dog’s determination to misbehave.

Give your Pet Safety and Freedom