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Uovision Live Trap Alarm
Uovision LTA

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Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) monitors constantly 24/7 at your trap!

Thanks to Uovision LTA trap guard, you don't need to visit on a daily basis your trap and not leaving human scent trace after you every day. When there are no fresh human scent on terrain, the trap efficacy power grow even further!

Uovision LTA trap guard saves your time and money.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard is the best trappers tool when it is placed for example to farthest distance traps where the daily journey is long and it takes time, as well as the fuel budget.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard is compatible with almost all traps on the market and can be fitted to almost any self-closing traps such as mink trap, fox and raccoon trap, instantly killing irons, etc.

How Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard works?
LTA is connected to magnet key and pulling rope. Pulling rope is attached to the trap door. When the trap door is closing, the pulling rope is detaching the magnet off from the LTA. This causes alarm inside the LTA.

Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard needs SIM card from your telephone operator. SIM card can normal or pre-paid. LTA is sending alert text message by SMS message over to owners mobile phone. Trap guard sends all the alarms and daily reports as text message to owners mobile phone number.

You can pre-set 1-5 receiving mobile phone numbers to LTA, incase if there are multiple persons monitoring the same LTA unit. You can pre-set the LTA send the daily report text messages 1 time or 2 times per day. Factory default set is two daily report text messages 08:00AM and 20:00PM per day. You can switch the timing of daily reports incase if needed.
Within the daily reports you are able to see status of the unit, wireless network signal strenght and battery status. Text message daily reports are confirming that device is working OK and there are no errors.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) is also able to pre-program make daily (1 time or 2 times) phonecall to owners mobile number. This 5 seconds daily check-up call is done daily basis and same pre-programmed time. Check-up call is not consuming the SIM card account balance.

When Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) is pre-programmed send daily text message reports, you can when ever send status inquiry text message to the unit and ask the current status. The current status report shows battery status, signal strenght, temperature and current device settings.

All text messages are able to send all mobile phones which are supporting SMS text message sending. You can also use the Android APP or Windows phone APP for communication with the LTA. Please download the free APP`s from the LTA APP cathegory.

After the alarm text message, you can call to LTA and listen what is happening around the LTA. If the magnet is still detached after 3 hours from the LTA, it will send a new reminder text message to owners mobile phone.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) is mounted to close by tree with tree-belt (included) or iron mount (included). There is included two different diameter magnets where the smaller is suitable for smaller traps and bigger one for bigger traps.
Magnet is attached to the bottom of the LTA and you connect the magnet and trap with pulling rope to the door of the trap. When the trap door is closing, the magnet is pulled off bottom of the LTA and causes the alarm.

The sensitivity of magnets is able to adjust simply by adding small piece of neoprene between the magnet and LTA. Neoprene also prevents the magnet freezing to the bottom of LTA during heavy winter months.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard is easily able to name with different device names if using many devices. Also the individual phone number of each unit could be saved with different name to owners mobile phone. Individual naming is differentiating all units from each others.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) trap guard is consuming very little power. It runs with 4 x AA 1.5V alkaline batteries up to 6 months period even sending two daily check up text messages.

Live Trap Alarm (LTA) in temporary security use?
There are unexpected situations when temporary surveillance is suitable. Easily transportable and mobile Uovision LTA could be used for different property surveillance and personnel security.

Delivery content includes 2m long transparent thin nylon line which could be attached for example to the door. When door is opening it is pulling out the magnet away from LTA and causes alarm. Could be used for monitoring trailer, boat etc.
LTA is able to place under the cashier desk and give silent alarm to security guard or work for elderly people help call.

Uovision Live Trap Alarm (LTA) is using global GSM Quad band network with 850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequencies. 1 year warranty. CE, FC approved.

  • Trap guard for live trap monitoring or security use
  • Easy to set up
  • Uses text messages or check-up call
  • Alarm sends allways text message
  • After alarm, you can call & listen location
  • Check-up text messages or calls 1 or 2 times per day
  • Pre-programmable check up times
  • Remote commands by text messages or by APP
  • Quad-band GSM module: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
  • Operates 4 x 1.5V AA alkaline batteries (not included)
  • Micro SIM port
  • Antenna lenght: 14cm
  • Antenna rotates 360° and bends 90° angle
  • Nylon pulling ropes: 2pcs, lenghts: 1m and 2m
  • Transparent pulling line lenght: 2m
  • Tripod mount back of the unit
  • Cabel lock hole (8mm Ø) back of the unit
  • Weight: 175gr (without batteries)
  • Small and portable size: 9cm x 11cm x 5cm
  • Weatherproof construction (IP56)
  • Usage temperatures: -25°C .... +60°C
  • Color: Black (please see picture)

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